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    Keep on spinning

    No, you are not dreaming. Thanks to the high quality Si3N4 hybrid ceramic bearing construction, you can keep spinning for non-stop for hours without any hassle.

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    Let your tension go

    We all need to release our tension in some way during the day. No matter if you’re dealing with ADHD, autism, excessive anxiety or stress- this spinner fidget toy is going to change your life.

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    Spin on the go

    It’s a fact- thanks to the lightweight and compact design, you can take this spinner fidget toy wherever you go. No matter if you’re on the metro, bus, in the classroom or at the beach, you can still keep your hands busy.

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    Great gift idea

    OK. Flowers, clothes or perfumes would be great, but how about an intimate yet functional gift that can actually help your friend in order to feel better? Help your important people to make their lives better don’t miss that chance!

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    Satisfaction guarantee

    We want our clients to be happy, so just in case you feel disappointed with your purchase, we guarantee to give your money back instantly, without any hassle.

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    Special offer

    Made with High Speed Pure Stainless Steel bearings that gives 3-5 minutes spin time with low noise, less maintenance and lasts long. Shop with us today and receive a Special Discount!

Fidget Spinner

Meet VBIN Fidget Spinner & get help!

Your Everyday Life Is Full Of Tension & Anxiety.

What are you going to do? The truth is that pills or expensive tools won’t going to help that much. Sometimes the truth is hidden in solutions that are way simpler.

  • Because sometimes it goes like this- happiness can be found at little things. Sometimes, small yet mighty objects are capable of changing our lives and making them better in a significant way.
  • And there’s where our company comes in. It’s going to provide you with a spinner fidget toy that will make your everyday life smoother and easier to handle.
  • No matter if you’re dealing with ADHD, autism, bad habits, stress or anxiety; this spinner is going to make your lives better in unexpected ways- because through simplicity comes great beauty.

And, In Order To Let Your Stress Go: Buy now Fidget Spinner!

Take a look at our VBIN Fidget Spinner!

Forget about fidget toys that kept breaking off after a couple of times using- now you are given the chance to keep this amazing sensory fidget toy for a lifetime, without any undesirable effects. An everyday essential accessory worth keeping in your pocket.
Ion Negru
- Seller of VBIN Products

Staying At Home Is Not Your Thing

There’s no problem. As long as your trousers have pockets or you carry a small bag.

  • Get it anytime anyplace

    Because our fidget spinner toy is as lightweight as a feather- in order to take it anytime, anyplace.

  • Release Your Tension

    Imagine yourself dealing with an unpleasant situation or a difficult day at work- no, start panicking won’t help you. Instead, our spin fidget toy is going to offer you great joy.

  • A Gift To Remember

    Your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner and you know that he/she is going through a tough period.

  • Make Your Life Better

    What are you going to do? A plain present is enough- offer this spin fidget toy and rock his/her world!

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What our customers are saying

Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

This is an amazing spinner and is definitely the best one that I own, I no longer use any of my others now that I have the VBIN Fidget Spinner. I recommend it to anyone, just don't expect it to spin to its full potential right out of the box. It takes a couple of days for it to fully break in, once it does you will never need another spinner.
Oleg Musea
Oleg Musea
Family Doctor
Instead of yelling to your colleagues or lighting up a cigarette each time you feel under the weather, take your fiddle therapy toy out of your pocket and start doing something absolutely effective for your mental health- spin and shine! For me works!
Michael M.
I got this because I saw this and thought it was an amazing idea and would make a good toy for class. This has helped me a bunch. Not only does it satisfy my fidgeting needs, it is a cool toy for people who don't have adhd etc. etc. . First spin lasted 1 minute 24 seconds from a 14 year olds arm power.
Sergiu C
Sergius C.

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VBIN Fidget Spinner
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